Each year we have mission teams that come from all over the globe to help us in the summer.  One of the highlights for each team is to take the time with their group to enter the subway at specific locations and pray with New Yorkers.  We have seen many people come to know Jesu Christ through our subway evangelism and it also gives us solid information from New Yorkers that live in the area. That info is used to help them grow in grace through a small group.

We are currently in the START UP phase in Manhattan.  Below are some examples of different ministries Connectingpointnyc is currently engaged in to build prospects and get involved the community.

One of the greatest resources that we have been given over the last several years is the opportunity to work with many different churches from all around the globe.  The teams that we have been able to minister with work for a short-term timeframe but it has given us eternal rewards.

We are also privileged to work with many interns throughout any given year.  If you are interested in bringing a group or interning next summer click here.


Kids Clubz

Mission Teams /  Interns

The contact information from these and many more outreach endeavors will be used to formulate small groups, that will eventually start a church in Manhattan.

Kids Clubz are done in a public park and is another great summer outreach, where we are able to see thousands of kids and parents here a life changing message in a matter of minutes.  Each volunteer is trained with a special job to minister to families in a very quick open format.  There is singing, games, special prizes, and a lesson that is given in a new spot every 15 min.  Again, like these are just opportunities to share the gospel and introduce someone to their next step of growth.